Handrail Cover

The ultimate PVC cover for wooden railings and fence tops. Patented rib system keeps wood from rotting. Available in White and Sandalwood.



VSA is the leader in vinyl handrail covers for wood railings. Our Wood VSA Handrail Cover protect your outdoor railings and keep your deck looking great. Easy to install and maintenance free. Stop scraping, sanding, priming and painting your patio railings. Cover them once with our VSA handrail cover and have beautifully finished and smooth to the touch railings that do not need to be maintained. Outdoor railings made of 2X4 and 2X6 can be covered to become maintenance free and look awesome.

  • Made of durable PVC Vinyl
  • Easy to install, Easy to clean
  • Enhanches the appearance of your railing
  • Eliminates the labour and cost of sanding, scraping, filling, painting and repairing
  • Friction fit system, NO NAILS or SCREWS
  • Rib system allows air circulation
  • Protects wood against weather
  • Paintable, offers excellent adhesion.

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