Field Lavatory System

Field Lavatory System



The Field Lavatory System is a complete portable, sanitation system for work crews on the move. It’s lightweight, easy to handle and can be set up in minutes.

• Completely deploys in less than 2 minutes
• Requires minimum storage space
• Can be set up virtually anywhere
• Ultra lightweight and compact
• Designed for ease of use by both men and women
• Bags are suitable for disposal of feminine hygiene products
• Bags come complete with antibacterial towelette and toilet paper
• Bags contain a special blend of polymers and enzymes which deodorizes and transforms waste into gel
• Bags are trash container and landfill safe
• No prep or servicing required
• No related dumping fees or relocation costs

Includes: 1 Privacy Shelter, 1 Commode Kit (Commode, Seat, and 10 Daily Restroom Kits)